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The #1 Sourcing Platform To Find Qualified Talent.
Spending hours looking for the right candidate? hireEZ finds and ranks best-fit profiles in seconds.
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Simplify Your Sourcing With Custom Search Filters
Source with intention and find top tier talent in seconds with
The Help of Our Advanced AI Filters to Find the Best Fit Candidates.
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Enhance Your Results Even Further
With Our Good Fit Feature!
Once you've set your sourcing filters,
you'll see 5 example candidates with relevant experience.
Mark them as a good fit or not to get even better results in a flash.
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And Voilà, Now You've Sourced All the Candidates You Need with Just a Few Clicks!
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But hireEZ is so much more than that.
How About Managing and Engaging Your Best Fit Candidates?
Just When You Thought it Couldn't Get Any Better...
Personalized Engagement
#1 contact-finder
Email marketing insights
Automated nurture sequences
Talent Database
30+ ATS integrations
Rediscover past applicants
Refresh, enrich and dedupe ATS data
Diverse & Inclusive Pipelines
115M+ Diverse
talent profiles
Real-time diversity analytics
Data-driven searches for underrepresented groups
Increase in Response Rates
Contact-finding rate
More Qualified Leads
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