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Find Talent Anywhere on the Web.

hireEZ's AI casts a wider net for meaningful searches by analyzing data points from candidate profiles. Source across 800M+ candidate profiles from open web platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, Kaggle, UpWork, and more. Source for underrepresented groups, technical talent, healthcare talent, security clearances and published scholars.

Ensure Responses with Automated Contact Sequences

From email sequences to conversion tracking, hireEZ's candidate pipeline tools help you win more interest and maximize your productivity. Personalize your outreach with comprehensive talent pool and candidate insights, power campaigns with email marketing insights and performance tracking, and bulk email up to 200 candidates with automated email sequences

Easily Integrate With
Your Existing ATS

Stick with the tools that work for you. hireEZ is a candidate data hub with bi-directional ATS/CRM integrations to push and pull data in real-time. hireEZ connects with more apps than any other candidate search and data engine.

Rediscover Past Talent

Our technology automatically parses, deduplicates, and enriches your data. Recruiters can now easily start their searches and sourcing efforts by rediscovering past talent that is familiar with their brand.

Bridge Diversity Gaps
In Your Company

The time for diversity, equity, and inclusion is now. hireEZ's diversity filters help you quickly find over 204M qualified candidates from underrepresented groups. Target searches for underrepresented candidates using hireEZ's powerful AI diversity filters, including women, Blacks or African Americans, Hispanics, and more.

See What Our Customers Say About hireEZ.

Georgiana S.
Co-founder & Recruiter Talentocrat
With hireEZ, My sourcing is faster, my research is ready in seconds, the time I used to invest in this manually is now used for making sure my outreach to my candidates is personalized and meaningful. Doing sourcing, outreach and market insights in our tool is definitely everything you need as a recruiter.
Greg S.
Lead Technical Sourcing Recruiter
AI sourcing is not only accurate, but it also offers insight no other tool offers that I have used. Exceptional customer support and technical support, innovative with regular functional upgrades, and fairly priced relative to other talent sourcing tools.