hireEZ Webinar

Cutting Costs and Consolidating Tech with Outbound Recruiting

December 1st, 2022 | 10 AM PT

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Speakers: Amy Sherman, Sr. Manager Customer Education @ hireEZ

In today's world of talent acquisition, there's technology for almost every step of the recruiting process.

From talent market analytics and search to candidate engagement and interview scheduling, tools have made the recruiting process exponentially easier.

Yet, the accumulation of these tools have created two major issues.

The collective cost of these individual tools is very high
These individual tools create disjointed workflows and overlapping processes that lead to greater inefficiency

The solution to these two issues? A consolidated tech stack with outbound recruiting.

Join Amy Sherman, Sr. Manager Customer Education @ hireEZ, as she unpacks:

Where You Can Consolidate Your Tech Stack
How To Create Workflow Efficiency
The Outbound Recruiting Tech Stack
And more.
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