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As Your Company Expands Make Sure You Have Healthy Talent Pipelines with hireEZ!

hireEZ's AI-powered Candidate Search and Data Hub covers all the tools to help you craft recruitment strategies, source candidates with speed, enhance your diversity efforts, and automate your engagement.
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Finding Your Next Hire With hireEZ Made Easy

Integrate hireEZ with Your Existing Tech Stack

Integrate hireEZ with your existing ATS/CRM, job boards, contact databases, and other software in your tech stack. hireEZ connects with more apps than any other talent search engine with over 3 0+ integrations.

Source Talent From Anywhere

Access 800M+ + candidate profiles from platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn ) on the open web to give you the single largest talent pool to source from.

Rediscover Past Talent

Our technology automatically parses, deduplicates, and enriches existing internal candidate data. Easily start your searches and sourcing efforts by rediscovering past talent that is familiar with your brand.

Engage Top-Tier Candidates with Dynamic Engagement Tools

From email sequences to conversion tracking, hireEZ's candidate pipeline tools help you win more interest and maximize your productivity.

Welcome Your New Hire!

Reduce your source-to-hire time by up to 23%.

Commit to Diversity and Inclusion with Our Diversity Tools

A Real Search, In The Right Places

hireEZ's AI casts a wider net for meaningful diversity searches by analyzing data points from candidate profiles including memberships with diversity organizations, schools, and more.

Fill Existing Diversity Gaps With Detailed Candidate Searches

Surface more candidates from underrepresented groups with hireEZ's powerful AI filters that expand searches for Women, Veterans, Black or African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans.

Identify Opportunities and Bottlenecks

Build actionable diversity hiring plans using talent market data with hireEZ's Market Insights. hireEZ gathers data in compliance with EEOC laws to help recruiters understand diverse talent pool trends including the top companies, schools, average market values, and more.

Hold Your Team Accountable

Track and monitor how diverse talents are moving across your pipeline with hireEZ's Diversity Analytics Report. The customizable dashboard gives teams visibility on how they are sourcing, qualifying, and engaging with candidates from diverse groups.

Let's Upgrade Your Recruiting Processes Like Never Before.