The rising demand and ability to deliver personalized messages that fits the needs of candidates means you need a much wider range of ways to engage their different interests.


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Ultimate Guide to Email Personalization

In our latest whitepaper, Ultimate Guide to Email Personalization, we share with you how effective personalization of sourcing emails should always be rooted in a deep understanding of the targeted groups!

In this whitepaper, learn about the:



Even though personalization has been discussed in the community for several years, the core of that choice is the false concept of maximum output with minimal effort.



Learn the ways to analyze candidate profiles for crafting emails and personalization of content.



Understand the importance and methodology for multi-dimensional research and insight extraction instead of sticking to templates.

Our Community Speaker

DANIEL CAHMEN-Independent Researcher and Consultant

Independent Researcher and Consultant

I am scientifically rooted in most layers of (social-)psychology, but also in knowledge management, history of science, philosophy or qualitative social research. Today, I mainly lecture (social-)psychology in universities, and additionally serve as an author in this field. My research highlight is a soon-to-be published study on new dynamics of the healthcare sector. Additional research activity includes studies on knowledge management in corporate structures, motivational aspects of virtual collaboration platforms and knowledge communities in companies, or on the meaning of language and words along the optimization of a natural language processing tool.

My true passion are humans and the labyrinths around or within themselves, relevant techniques to uncover them, as well as programmatic sourcing hacking. For many years, I serve as an independent research consultant, sourcing talent on a global level, and that’s where I got my nickname “Dr. ID”. This mainly includes pipeline-building through desk research, personalization of emails or interviewing relevant persons in order to draw relevant insights.

Overall, I love to think out of the box, but still, knowledge-driven. I stand for sophisticated deep drilling, not only in sight of holistic sourcing, and I definitely find pleasure in exploring new grounds and territories.

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