Sync your email inbox with hireEZ to more proactively and easily engage candidates, and move them through your pipeline.
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Multi-touch Sequences
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response” Polls
Set automated follow-ups with multi-touch sequences
Multi-touch Sequences
Set automated follow-ups with multi-touch sequences
Email Reminders
Leverage email reminders to keep you on track, and build out sequences that span multiple communication channels to help increase your response rate Including, email, phone numbers and social channels such as LinkedIn
Dynamic Variables
Use dynamic variables to customize your messages, and save time while reaching out to candidates in bulk
AI Powered Insights
Optimize your outreach content with AI Powered Insights
“One-click-response” Polls
Set up ‘one-click-response’ Polls in your email templates to enhance candidate experience, and increase your response rate

How to Get Started…It’s

Build your Pipeline

Go to your hireEZ Project. Once you run your search, review the profiles, move the good fit candidates into your Pipeline.

Integrate your Outlook Email

Select candidates you want to reach out to > Click Engage. If you have not already integrated your email, you will be prompted to do so - click the Connect (Office 365) option, and enter your email login/password.

Set up your Email Sequence

Click Use Sequence at the bottom of the email window to schedule automated follow-ups that will send if the candidate doesn’t respond to previous email(s)
Insert Variables and Polls
Set Reminders
building them into your Sequence to leverage other channels of outreach, such as phone and LinkedIn InMails

Send you Sequence

Candidate responses will go to your Outlook inbox and your hireEZ inbox as well.
If you have questions about hireEZ’s email engagement functionality, reach out to amysherman@hireez.com (NA and EMEA) or ningzhang@hireez.com (APAC). You may also chat with us on Slack in our shared channel #bcg_hireez_support.