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Build Effective Email Campaigns
Create a better candidate experience and higher quality conversations with personalized email nurture sequences. Sync your email (Gmail or Outlook), schedule up to 10 sequence touchpoints, and send bulk emails to groups of up to 200 candidates at a time.
Autogenerate Emails with GPT for Recruiting
Scale email marketing efforts with automated email sequences and autogenerated email content to maximize engagement and response rates.
Insights & Reports
Optimize your campaigns with email marketing insights and reports for targeted outreach. Share real-time tracking data to gain insight into email performance for future engagement efforts.
hireEZ has made sourcing so much more efficient with the ability to add candidates to sequences. Once I build out a sequence, I know there is an automatic follow up message going to be sent out. You can also include a calendar link in the email making it super easy for calendar to book directly on my calendar.

The sourcing filters are also great - a lot more than what you can do on LinkedIn (Diversity sourcing filters, industry sourcing filters like "Cloud Services" or "Blockchain")

Love the integration with chrome & lever as well - makes it SO easy to import candidates into our ATS.
Kayla N.
Enterprise, G2
I like all of the customized filters you can use when sourcing. I also really like their sequence feature. I consider it a game-changer when it comes to follow-up.

You only pay for the contact when you first uncover their info, and you can set up as many follow-ups as you like. I went from a 15-25% response rate on the "other" site to 35-55% on hireEZ.
Jeny H.
Senior Recruiter Small-Business, G2
I love that hireEZ is an all-inclusive tool. Previous recruitment tools I used weren't integrated with my emails & didnt track responses.

I also enjoy that I can automatically create "sequences" that continues to engage candidates passively for me while I'm actively working to fill the top of the funnel. I also enjoy the various filters in the tool especially diversity function.
Verified User
Biotechnology Mid-Market,G2
Rated 4.6/5 on G2
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