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Recruit and Manage Talent Strategically with Talent Insights

Developing strategic workforce plans without competitor or talent market data is challenging. EZ Insights empowers you to make strategic business decisions based on data-driven insights so you can recruit and manage talent strategically and position your organization competitively.

Access talent insights including but not limited to candidate and company benchmarking data compared to your competitors and/or industry using a variety of key metrics.

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Make Outbound Recruiting Strategic with Talent Insights

Uncover Talent Pool Insights to Drive Hiring Strategies

hireEZ’s Talent Insights allows you to take a deep dive into the demographics of a talent pool and how it changes over time. These insights can be answer questions including but not limited to:
  • What skills are in demand in your industry?
  • What locations are attracting talent?
  • What companies should you target to find the type of talent you need?
  • What schools are producing the type of talent and skills you look for?
  • What is the best time to engage and recruit for sought-after talent?

Conduct Competitive Research with Company Insights

With insights into not only your company but also your competitors and the industry itself, hireEZ’s Talent Insights also allows you to understand the types of talent within a company and how the company’s workforce is changing over time. These insights can be used to answer questions including but not limited to:
  • How does your compensation benchmark against other companies and industry averages in key locations and talent segments?
  • How do you benchmark against competitors in key job satisfaction areas?
  • What kind of specialized talent is employed by key competitors?
  • Are there one or two competitors responsible for a large amount of the departures?
  • Is a key competitor gaining or losing talent in a specific area?

Find and Engage the Right Talent at the Right Time

With Talent Insights at your disposal, you can inform your recruiting and hiring strategy with data-driven insights using key metrics such as: # of employees in functional areas, titles, diversity, skills, years of experience, company, talent movement, attrition, location, and education. This way you can develop a strategic workforce plan to win talent before your key competitors.

What Else Can hireEZ Do For You?

Talent Pool of 800M+ Candidates

Access the world’s largest talent pool of 800M+ candidates found from open web platforms across the open web.

Diversity Filters and Analytics

Build targeted searches for women, Blacks/African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and veterans.

Candidate Engagement Tools

Engage with top talent with personalized email campaigns, performance tracking, and interview scheduling features.

Talent Insights to Drive Hiring Strategies

Design data-driven recruiting and hiring strategies with talent insights and competitor data at your disposal.

Collaboration with Team in Real Time

Create a seamless team experience to prevent duplicate efforts and track each other’s performance and activities.
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