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Rediscover Past Talent Hidden Within An Enriched & Refreshed ATS with EZ Rediscovery

Your ATS is a treasure trove of hidden past talent, but candidate profiles within ATS databases quickly become outdated. With hireEZ, you can maximize the value of your existing ATS by keeping profiles up-to-date while creating a seamless workflow to source and re-engage qualified past talent and make hires using enriched internal data.
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Unlock the Value of your ATS Candidate Data

Transform Outdated ATS Data to Actionable Data

hireEZ integrates with your existing ATS/CRM to transform outdated ATS candidate profiles into actionable data. Refresh, enrich, and dedupe existing ATS profiles with new candidate data found from the open web to bring your recruiting data together in one place.

Rediscover Talent Within a Renewed & Enriched ATS

Once you integrate your ATS with hireEZ's platform, you can easily build targeted searches for past talent within a renewed and enriched ATS using hireEZ's suite of AI-Sourcing and ATS-related filters. Rediscover hidden qualified ATS candidates with high response rates to make high efficiency and low-cost hires.

Bridge the Gap Between You and Your Tech Stack

hireEZ partners with 30+ ATS/CRM platforms so you can transform your recruiting tech stack into a unified recruiting powerhouse. Forget the manual cleaning and sync candidate information across your tech stack with ease.

What Else Can hireEZ Do For You?

Talent Pool of 800M+ Candidates

Access the world's largest talent pool of 800M+ candidates found from open web platforms across the open web.

Diversity Filters and Analytics

Build targeted searches for women, Blacks/African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and veterans.

Candidate Engagement Tools

Engage with top talent with personalized email campaigns, performance tracking, and interview scheduling features.

Talent Rediscovery with Internal Data

Enrich, refresh, and dedupe your outdated ATS data and rediscover hidden past talent within a renewed ATS using hireEZ's AI Sourcing.

Collaboration with Team in Real Time

Create a seamless team experience to prevent duplicate efforts and track each other's performance and activities.
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