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It doesn't matter if you're working from home or from an office: sourcing quality talent is still the first step to making a quality hire. The secret to a good pipeline? A search that continuously improves. That search starts here with hireEZ.

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hireEZ isn't just the world's largest AI talent database. We lead the industry with a 85% contact-finding rate and 94% accuracy as well as intelligence-driven labor market insights to support your sourcing research and team collaboration.

“[With hireEZ] My sourcing is faster, my research is ready in seconds, the time I was used to invest in this manually is now used for making sure my outreach to my candidates is personalized and meaningful. Doing sourcing, outreach and market insights in our tool is definitely everything you need as a recruiter.”

- Georgiana S

“hireEZ is by far my favorite sourcing tool The ability to source so effectively gives you time back to spend directly on revenue-producing activities. Its intuitive interface removes the need to come up with complex search strings while pulling info from multiple sources across the net to build a comprehensive profile.”

- Bo R

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