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Welcome to the conference built F.R.B.R. (for recruiters by recruiters).

Conference presentations tend to be long, constricting the ability for more professionals to share their thoughts. May 28th, 10 am CT.

All killer, no filler.

Welcome to our next virtual shindig! Imagine this: no long, droning talks where you might sneak in a nap. Nope, we're switching it up. Think of it as the Netflix of recruiting events—short, snappy sessions that get straight to the good stuff. Each speaker, a well respected industry expert, gets just enough time to share something they're super passionate about. It's all killer, no filler.

Couch-friendly Zone

So, grab your favorite snack, find that perfect spot on the couch (or wherever you're most comfy), and get ready to dive into our digital get-together. Picture each session like a mini TED talk, bursting with ideas that are bound to get those gears turning. And the best part? You're just a click away from jumping from one inspiring talk to another, all from the comfort of... well, wherever you are!

Magic, Purple Squirrels, and Unicorns

So, are you in? Think of it as your personal industry playlist, where you can skip, rewind, or pause on the ideas that hit just right. No fluff, just the really good stuff, served up in a way that's meant to be as enjoyable as it is enlightening. Let's make this virtual event a memorable one, filled with laughter, learning, and maybe even a little bit of magic. See you there!