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Develop More Inclusive & Equitable Workplaces for Women in Tech with hireEZ!

Recruiters have a shared responsibility to close the gender gap in the workplace. hireEZ empowers hiring teams with the resources to find, engage, and hire top talent. Work towards workplace equality by filling women in leadership roles faster using hireEZ's AI diversity filters.
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It's Always the Right Time to Support Women in Leadership, and We Support Recruiters Leading that Commitment.

Close Diversity Gaps With Holistic Candidate Searches

Finding diverse tech talent has never been easier. hireEZ's powerful AI diversity filters surfaces more candidates from underrepresented candidates, including women, POCs, and more.

Find Diverse Talent With Niche Skills and Expertise

Conduct detailed contextual searches with 30+ advanced AI filters and build robust searches for qualified diverse talent based on industry expertise, job titles, skills, education, and more.

Build More Relationships With Our Industry-Leading Contact-Finder

Uncover candidate contact information with hireEZ's contact-finder. With an industry-leading 90% contact-finding rate, remove engagement barriers and start conversations with talent first.
See What Our Customers Say About hireEZ.
Georgiana S.
Co-founder & Recruiter
With hireEZ, My sourcing is faster, my research is ready in seconds, the time I used to invest in this manually is now used for making sure my outreach to my candidates is personalized and meaningful. Doing sourcing, outreach and market insights in our tool is definitely everything you need as a recruiter.
Sara W.
Product Manager
Leading IT Consulting Partner
hireEZ is lightyears ahead of other sourcing vendors where there is no integration and someone would have to manually create a profile [in the ATS]. So we're talking about two clicks versus having to type it out and put that data in which would probably take about seven minutes.”

Truly Unbiased and an Accurate Diversity Sourcing Platform.

Identify Opportunities and Bottlenecks

Build actionable diversity hiring plans using talent market data with hireEZ's Market Insights. hireEZ gathers data in compliance with EEOC laws to help recruiters understand diverse talent pool trends including the top companies, schools, average market values, and more.

Hold Your Team Accountable

Track and monitor how diverse talents are moving across your pipeline with hireEZ's Analytics Report. The customizable dashboard gives teams visibility on how they are sourcing, qualifying, and engaging with candidates.

Bridge The Technology Gap

No more worrying about system integrations, programming, or tedious data cleaning. We do it for you. Integrate hireEZ with your existing ATS/CRM, job boards, contact databases, and other software in your tech stack.

Built to Scale

hireEZ's AWS-based infrastructure is built to be scalable, stable, and reliable. As your business and teams grow, so does hireEZ.

Don't Take it From Us.
See What Other Recruiters Have Said About Using hireEZ.

Jessica L.
Recruiter, Small Business
“People with other tools come to me to ask me to help them find contact information with hireEZ. It works when all others fail. Their AI actually finds the RIGHT people. It is outstanding! FInding talent faster than others. b For agency, it WILL pay for itself.
Rhana S.
Senior Recruiting Manager
“Pay for the service, it is worth every penny. We have found far better candidates at a far faster rate than with any other tool that we have used. It is hireEZs AI sourcing feature that cuts out almost all of my time as a recruiter. I have reached the point where 80% of the candidates sourced are perfect fits for what I am looking for.”
Liz V.
How easy it is to use, data-driven, It really is a recruiter's best friend. I honestly cannot think of anything I dislike. I love to have data for all of my roles. Find great candidates, and speed up my time to reach out.”

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