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Prepare for the Great Rehire: Post-COVID Recruiting

The road to job recovery post-pandemic is a race for top talent. Empower recruiters to find candidates before competitors and optimize your recruiting efforts with hireEZ!
The Great Rehire Is Happening. Hire the Right Talent for Your Team With hireEZ
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Over 100,000+ Recruiters Trust hireEZ

Over 100,000+ Recruiters Trust hireEZ

How Can We Help You Find Success in the Great Rehire?

hireEZ's AI gives recruiters more access and control over candidate data during recruitment's most digital phase yet.

AI Sourcing

Build Strong Pipelines for Current and Future Roles
Cast a wider net for your search across 800M+ profiles on open web platforms including GitHub, AngelList, RateMDs, Behance, Upwork and more.

Market Insights

Insights to Inform Your Hiring Strategies
View a comprehensive summary of the market for your open roles to guide targeted decisions that work.

Candidate Engagement

High-Touch Engagement for Better Candidates
Meet your candidates with personalized outreach - in their inbox, through a phone call, or on their social media profiles.

ATS Integrations

Easier Work With Real-Time Data
hireEZ refreshes and enriches ATS data for maximum visibility into all your talent pools for faster optimization and decision-making during critical times

We Work Best With What You Already Have.

There are many pieces to the recruitment puzzle, and hireEZ is only one of them. That's why we partner with 30+ hiring softwares to give you a complete recruitment experience.
We Work Best With What You Already Have.

Put Intentional, Diverse and Inclusive Hiring First

Put Intentional, Diverse and Inclusive Hiring First
hireEZ's suite of Diversity & Inclusion features helps you leverage cutting-edge technology to reduce bias, diversify your talent pool, strengthen relationships and make real change.

See What Our Customers Say About hireEZ.

Jason V.
Lead Technical Recruiter


I've been recruiting for 21 years. I've tried many tools over those years. I have been using hireEZ for a couple of years now and it has become my number one sourcing tool. I like that it works on multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, AngelList, and many others. It finds accurate contact email addresses and phone numbers.
George Cobb
Talent Sourcer
Arkansas Children's Hospital


The two things I like most are the AI-powered search to help gather the best candidates for recruiting a project and the campaigning features. Creating a sequence is easy and effective at reaching your audience. Making following ups or sending reminders a breeze.

Ready to Come Out on Top in the Great Rehire?