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Unique Healthcare Professionals Profiles
Locate niche and skilled underrepresented healthcare talent for clinical, non-clinical, pharmaceutical, and research roles in hireEZ's dedicated global talent pool.
Medical Specialties And Filter
Refine your searches to narrow down on medical certifications, license states, skills, keywords and more. Spend less time sourcing with targeted filters.
Source from trusted
healthcare-focused platforms.
Candidate profiles from open web healthcare platforms like ZocDoc, Healthgrades, RateMDs, and more. Find healthcare and medical professionals on a robust healthcare database.
Our Customers
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“There were things that I liked about sourcing and there were things that I didn't like about it like doing Boolean search strings. Before using hireEZ, it was slower finding these people and there were a lot of roadblocks, I just don't have the time for that. From a sourcing perspective, when we put you guys against the job boards we used, I mean it didn't even compare” 
George Cobb
Healthcare Talent Sourcing
Arkansas Children's Hospital
“It has cut down my time spent on creating candidate search by so much! Which allows me to allocate more time in other areas of my business development such as research, follow-ups, interviews etc. Time is money and this is definitely an efficient tool!”
Aurora T.
Technical Recruiter
The Phoenix Group
It really helps me to find high quality candidates with accurate contact information, and when the info is inaccurate, I can access their LinkedIn from the HireEZ page to send an InMail instead.
Philip B.
Product and Technical Sourcer
Eleanor Health
“I like all of the customized filters you can use when sourcing. I also really like their sequence feature. I consider it a game-changer when it comes to follow-up. You only pay for the contact when you first uncover their info, and you can set up as many follow-ups as you like. I went from a 15-25% response rate on the "other" site to 35-55% on hireEZ”
Jeny H.
Senior Recruiter
Built to support
your talent acquisition team
Maximize ROI and minimize costs with an all-in-one package
Reduce Costs With Consolidated Tech
Easily Assess Hiring Performance
Bring the future forward
Talent Attraction
Champion your company's brand with meaningful talent connections
Market to Candidates Better Than Ever Before
Build Better Talent Relationships
Empower Your Success with Real-Time Analytics
Secure quality hires with speed and ease
Engage More Effectively with Talent
Schedule Interviews Faster Than Ever Before
Empower Your Success with Real-Time Analytics
Source High Quality Talent
Intelligently search across 40+ open web platforms, 800M+ diverse candidate profiles and identify hiring trends with 30+ advanced AI filters
Boost Engagement with Personalized Emails
Streamline engagement process with automated scheduling and email with up to 87% contact-finding rate
Integrate your tech-stack into a unified recruiting powerhouse
Easily integrate with 30+ ATS and keeps your database clean
Enterprise grade data security
Trusted By The Nation's Top Healthcare Providers
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