How does hireEZ compare to other tools?

hireEZ is the leading AI recruitment solution for faster sourcing, engagement, and talent pool research. Join a community of over 100,000 recruiters who choose hireEZ to help them every day.

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Recruiting automation with other companies:

Your process may be automated with AI-driven sourcing, but you're still dealing with inaccurate candidate information, limited visibility of major trends within your talent pool, and messy performance tracking. Collaboration across your team is siloed by multiple spreadsheets and inconsistent data entry in your ATS. You're doubting if automation is making hiring easier, or more complicated.

Recruiting automation with hireEZ:

Your team is working smarter with the largest talent pool that constantly refreshes profiles with up-to-date information. Life is made easier with dashboards and access to data to help measure team success. Those heaps of spreadsheets are history because you have a simple integration set up to keep your database clean and navigable. With an all-in-one tool like hireEZ, you're confident to do anything with those reqs.

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Why is hireEZ the top choice for recruiters?

AI recruitment automation software doesn't have to be complicated.

As the industry-leading solution for centralized talent acquisition, we make it easy because we've done it before anyone else. Here's why hiring teams big and small use hireEZ to scale, collaborate, and integrate without the hassle.

Your shortcut to sourcing talent across the open web

Gone are the days of scrolling through profiles one platform at a time. hireEZ is an all-in-one sourcing tool that makes the Internet recruiter-friendly. Our powerful AI filters help you source across the largest talent pool of 800M+ profiles from open websites.

Drive email response rates up with our engagement suite

Emails are still the best way to reach candidates - and we know just how to help you stand out. Build and personalized mass engagement campaigns with our email sequences, insights, and send-on-behalf-of. Plus, benchmark success with our comprehensive email tracking.

Seamless integrations with your ATS/CRM

You know we don't like to make it complicated. Easily include hireEZ into your existing workflow by integrating our platform with the tech you already have. Our marketplace of partners are the best in the business - you probably use some of them already.

Dedicated customer support to help you succeed

At hireEZ, we're every recruiter's best friend because we want to know exactly how we can help you. With the support of our Customer Success team, we're committed to giving you a quality onboarding experience and to work closely with you to maximize ROI with hireEZ.

Take hireEZ anywhere with our free Chrome Extension

What's easier than an all-in-one recruiting platform? An all-in-one Chrome Extension. Luckily for you, hireEZ has both. Use the hireEZ extension on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & more to source & add candidates into hireEZ even when you're not on our platform.

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