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Let's Get Back to Work: An Event for hireEZ Customers

Dallas - September 15, 2021
Atlanta - October 13, 2021
San Jose - November 3, 2021
Dallas - 11:00AM - 2:00PM CT
Atlanta - 11:00AM - 2:00PM ET
San Jose - 11:00AM - 2:00PM PT
Over the past year, hireEZ has improved our AI technology to help companies build the best searches and hire the workforce they need to get back right into business.
We've helped companies meet aggressive hiring goals for 2021, seen success for all industries, company sizes, and diversity recruiting initiatives.
Ready to Join Our Exclusive Event Made Just for You?

But We're Not Done.
We Want to Work with You Directly to Help You Get More Out of hireEZ.

For the first time ever, hireEZ is taking our product on the road to meet you and your team where you are. In this event made specially for our customers, get to know our platform in a different light.
Network with hireEZ's community of Talent Acquisition professionals
Participate in product training sessions, demos, Q&As and feedback-sharing
Get a first look at upcoming product updates
And enjoy great food, activities and more goodies

Event Agenda

11:00-11:15AM Welcome!
11:15-12:15PM Lunch
12:15-12:45PM What's New With hireEZ?
12:45-1:00PM Talk to the hireEZ Team
12:45-1:15PM 1-on-1 Training Session
1:15-1:45PM hireEZ Hunt
1:45-2:00PM Networking Session

Representing the hireEZ Team

Shannon Pritchett
Head of Community, hireEZ/Evry1
Leni Vasquez
Marketing Manager, hireEZ
Winona Rajamohan
Content Marketing Manager, hireEZ
Amy Sherman
Head of Customer Success, hireEZ
Jason Xiao
Head of Account Management, hireEZ
At hireEZ, our customers come first!
We couldn't be more excited to get on the road and meet as many new faces as possible. We have a lot of innovative tricks and tips to show our customers and we can't wait to be able to see their reaction and get their feedback! It's going to be a fun event.
Shannon Pritchett
Head of Community, hireEZ / Evry1
I'm excited to meet and connect with our hireEZ customers in person -
we've launched so many exciting new features in the past months and have leveled-up our existing core functionalities as well. I'm eager to share these with you, and hear your thoughts and feedback on them! Our biggest priority is ensuring hireEZ always meets your needs and develops as your own workflows do so that you are empowered to be successful with the platform and achieve your recruitment goals
Amy Sherman
Head of Customer Success, hireEZ