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It's time to modernize your hiring and sourcing for high-demand transportation roles.

Source, engage, and hire top-tier talent for niche industry needs with hireEZ's AI platform. Discover candidates from the largest industry talent pool with 800M+ profiles from open web platforms.
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The largest marketplace of technical talent to build and develop disruptive technology

hireEZ's AI engine powers the largest talent pool in the recruiting industry

More than a database, hireEZ is a self-learning and self-expanding infrastructure that bridges together more data points than any other AI Sourcing software. With a holistic view of candidate profiles, build pipelines made for successful hires.

Boost productivity

hireEZ drives efficiency to help teams reach 42% more hires per recruiter. Save time searching for candidate information with hireEZ's industry-leading 85% contact-finding rate with 94% accuracy.

Save time filling open roles

Build automated email sequences and track candidate engagement. Collaborate with your team using our project-centric candidate management and activity tracking. By consolidating your work in one platform, we reduce your time-to-hire by up to 23%.

Sourcing For Security Clearances

Working with transportation may require government involvement and finding certified talent quickly is essential to your operational efficiency. hireEZ's security clearance sourcing gives you access to the largest cleared talent pool with 12 powerful AI clearance filters.
Build the perfect search with our security clearance filters to narrow down on SCI, Confidential, Top Secret, US Agencies and more. Uncover candidates with a specified clearance status, keyword, job title, geographic location or employment history.

What Makes hireEZ Stand out

Premium customer service

Our benchmark for customer service is to be nothing less than world-class. You will have a dedicated customer success manager who ensures you achieve and exceed your hiring goals with hireEZ.

You're in safe hands

hireEZ has rigorous policies in place to ensure information security and compliance. We are GDPR compliant, SOC Type I and II certified, and EU-US Privacy Shield certified.

Built to scale

hireEZ's AWS-based infrastructure is built to be scalable, stable, and reliable. As your business and teams grow, so does hireEZ.

“hireEZ gives you several sourcing options. Whether it be quick and dirty or complex boolean searches, increase your sourcing with automated suggestions, which are spot on and great for entry-level to advanced technical recruiters who really like to dig deep and target various sources such as Linkedin, Github, Angelist, Facebook, Bing, and Google. hireEZ is very fast and flexible for finding information, which continues to improve frequently.

-Allen R., Technical Sourcer

“There were things that I liked about sourcing and there were things that I didn't like about it like doing Boolean search strings. Before using hireEZ, it was slower finding these people and there were a lot of roadblocks, I just don't have the time for that. From a sourcing perspective, when we put you guys against the job boards we used, I mean it didn't even compare”

-George Cobb, Talent Sourcer @ Arkansas Child's Hospital

Let hireEZ reduce your source-to-hire time giving your organization more time to do what's important.