Commit to Hiring Veterans for Your Firm.

Diversity hiring is more than an initiative, it's the right way to hire. hireEZ searches for diverse talent in the right places to give you accurate and strong candidates who are military veterans.
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It is Always the Right Time to Support Our Troops, and We Support Recruiters in Leading the Charge in that Commitment.

A Real Search, In The Right Places

hireEZ's AI casts a wider net for meaningful diversity searches by analyzing data points from candidate profiles including memberships with diversity organizations, schools and more.

Fill Existing Diversity Gaps with Detailed Candidate Searches

Surface more candidates from underrepresented groups with hireEZ's powerful AI filters that expand searches for women, Veterans, Black or African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans.

Identify Opportunities and Bottlenecks

Build actionable diversity hiring plans using talent pool and labor market data with hireEZ's Diversity Market Insights. hireEZ gathers data in compliance with EEOC laws to help recruiters understand diverse talent pool trends including the top companies, schools, average market values and more.

Hold Your Team Accountable

Track and monitor how diverse talents are moving across your pipeline with hireEZ's Diversity Analytics Report. The customizable dashboard gives teams visibility on how they are sourcing, qualifying and engaging with candidates from diverse groups.

Why Are We the #1 AI Sourcing Solution?

Best Fits Come First

No more digging at the bottom of the pile for those you may have missed. hireEZ surfaces the best 50 candidates for your search in order of relevance so you get to see your best choices first.

More Than Just Keywords

You'll be the one helping our AI technology improve the quality of your searches. Instead of keywords, hireEZ conducts contextual searches that expand on alternative and popular titles related to your queries.

Bridging The Technology Gap

No more worrying about system integrations, programming or tedious data cleaning. We do it for you. Integrate hireEZ with your existing ATS/CRM, job boards, contact databases and other software in your tech stack.

We Greatly Reduce Time to Hire

By consolidating your work in one platform, we reduce your time-to-hire by up to 23%. Collaborating with your team using our project-centric candidate management and activity tracking couldn't be easier.

hireEZ is Committed to your Business' Success.

Built to Scale

hireEZ's AWS-based infrastructure is built to be scalable, stable, and reliable.

Premium Customer Service

Our benchmark for customer service is to be nothing less than world-class. You will have a dedicated customer success manager who ensures you achieve and exceed your hiring goals with hireEZ.

You're in Safe Hands

hireEZ has rigorous policies in place to ensure information security and compliance. We are GDPR compliant, SOC Type I and II certified, and EU-US Privacy Shield certified.

Ready to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce?