hireEZ-SmashFlyX Standard Integration

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Talent Sourcing Integration (from hireEZ to SmashFlyX)

  • ATS Field Mapping: Map data fields from hireEZ to SmashFlyX

  • Export as Prospect: Sync candidates from hireEZ to SmashFlyX as prospects for specific jobs

  • Attach hireEZ PDF Resume: Option to export candidates to SmashFlyX with their hireEZ resumes attached

  • Export Tags: Sync tags created for candidates in hireEZ to SmashFlyX

  • Export Notes: Sync notes created for candidates in hireEZ to SmashFlyX

  • Duplication Check: hireEZ detects and notifies users whether exported candidates from hireEZ have existing profiles in SmashFlyX

  • Candidate Profile URL in ATS: hireEZ provides a one-click option to take users from hireEZ's candidate profile to the corresponding SmashFlyX candidate profile

  • hireEZ Displayed as a Candidate Source in ATS: Display hireEZ as a source in SmashFlyX candidate profile for candidates synced from hireEZ to SmashFlyX

About SmashFlyX

SmashFly Technologies provides marketing automation for recruiting (Recruitment Marketing). Its Total Recruitment Marketing Platform enables talent acquisition teams to attract, engage, nurture and convert candidates into qualified applicants using a centralized management system that automates and measures recruiting strategies and programs.

About hireEZ

hireEZ is an AI-Powered outbound recruiting platform that empowers hiring teams to build a unified powerhouse with their most valuable, on-demand resources. hireEZ helps recruiters and talent acquisition professionals nurture long-term candidate relationships, source best-fit talent and seamlessly mine and refresh recruiting databases.

Conversations around potential customizations and integration feedback are encouraged with client POCs
If you have any questions please reach out to our team via email at sales@hireez.com
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