A hireEZ-Avature Integration Customized to Fit You

The Single Talent Recruiting System You Need. Together, Avature and hireEZ give you the flexibility of crafting your own integration workflow

How does the hireEZ-Avature Integration power your workflow?

  • AI source from 800M+ profiles from open web platforms (ie. Github, Linkedin, Kaggle, Twitter, and more) across the open web in a matter of seconds

  • Find and engage tech professionals heavily involved in community coding projects and 14.7M+ healthcare professional with industry-specific filters

  • Drive candidate engagement and maximize conversion through brand-centric online experiences

  • Centralize valuable data with fluidity across hireEZ and Avature platforms

Implement a World-Class Solution Tailored to You

Web Sources Integration
  • Experience the power of a single Avature-hireEZ comprehensive system

  • Expand your talent pool with a steady flow of fresh, on-demand candidates with hireEZ Open Web

  • Strategically screen and funnel data into Avature to nurture candidate relationships

  • Engage candidates with modern web technology and sourcing automation

Custom API Integration
  • Create automatically-linked projects between Avature and hireEZ

  • Experience hireEZ AI Sourcing with 30+ advanced AI filters (ie. Title, Education, Diversity, and more)

  • Seamlessly advance best-fit candidates to Avature hiring stages and increase hires

Import Service Integration
  • Find candidates with hireEZ AI Sourcing that learns and applies customer preferences

  • Automatically generate CSV files that upload fresh data directly into Avature, with a single click

  • Personalize candidate outreach and schedule interviews to hire superstar employees

About Avature

Avature is a highly configurable SaaS platform for talent acquisition and talent management. With Avature, companies can have a single platform to drive internal stakeholder efficiency, engagement, and adoption through a collection of best-in-class solutions. In short, Avature allows customers to engage, hire, and retain the best talent.

About hireEZ

hireEZ is an AI-Powered outbound recruiting platform that empowers hiring teams to build a unified powerhouse with their most valuable, on-demand resources. hireEZ helps recruiters and talent acquisition professionals nurture long-term candidate relationships, source best-fit talent and seamlessly mine and refresh recruiting databases.

We Put Data Security First
If you have any questions please reach out to our team via email at sales@hireEZ.com
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