hireEZ-SmashFlyX Standard Integration

Powerful integrations with the tools you love most. Bring out the most value from your tech stack directly from hireEZ.

Integration Features

  • One-way integration

  • Export notes

  • ATS field mapping

  • Duplication check

  • Push as prospect

  • Candidate profile url in hireEZ

  • Attach hireEZ PDF resume

  • hireEZ displayed as candidate source in ATS

  • Export tags

  • Team based integration

About SmashFlyX:
Driven by proprietary machine learning, our reimagined SmashFlyX platform is the only technology in talent acquisition to combine CRM, career site, programmatic advertising, referrals, and talent mobility. What does that mean for you?
  • Increased team efficiency
  • Complete talent pipelining and campaigning
  • A unified experience for your team and talent
  • Visibility and predictability into every behavior and every channel
  • What you'll get with SmashFlyX & hireEZ:
  • Build your talent pool
  • Grow your recruitment marketing efforts
  • Get more value out of your spend with SmashFlyX
  • Connect with more talent data
If you have any questions please reach out to our team via email at sales@hireEZ.com
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