A hireEZ-Lever Integration Customized to Fit You

The Single Talent Recruiting System You Need. Together, Lever and hireEZ give you one deep, two way integrated system to work in.

How does the hireEZ-Lever Integration power your workflow?

  • AI source from 800M+ profiles from open web platforms (ie. Github, Linkedin, Kaggle, Twitter, and more) across the open web in a matter of seconds

  • Drive candidate engagement and maximize conversion through brand-centric online experiences

  • Centralize valuable data with fluidity across hireEZ and Lever platforms

Experience Real-Time Sync Between hireEZ and Lever Data

  • Improve team collaboration and avoid duplicated recruitment efforts

  • Access the same candidate activities, resumes, notes, and tags across both platforms

  • Work in one platform and see the updates reflected in the other platform

AI Refresh, Enrich, and Dedupe Candidates Profiles in Lever

  • Sync holistic and up-to-date candidate profiles to Lever with data from hireEZ Open Web

  • AI enrich your Lever talent data with a multi-channel data powerhouse

  • Manage duplicate candidate profiles by intelligently merging or separating them

Rediscover Past Candidates in Lever with hireEZ Talent Data Cloud

  • AI search past applicants in Lever that best fit your most current open roles

  • Reengage candidates who already know your brand because they are your warmest leads

  • Resurface candidates from current and past jobs in your Lever with filters like ATS Job and ATS Stage

We Put Data Security First
If you have any questions please reach out to our team via email at sales@hireEZ.com
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