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We're excited to share that the new Outbound Recruiting Academy (a free resource for all TA professionals) has two new courses for you to explore. The theme… Outbound Engagement! In these courses you'll learn the core skills and techniques of an effective outbound engagement strategy, and how you can leverage hireEZ to support your engagement workflow.
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“When we hire, there are a million variables we don't control — including one of the most unpredictable variables in the world: humans.

The one thing you can control? How you message people.”

Kat Kibben (They/Them), CEO of
Three Ears Media
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Despite recent headlines concerning unfortunate layoffs, labor force data indicates that it remains an employee-driven market.
Looking ahead to 2023, one TA professional has identified five critical areas of concern that could cause roadblocks for professionals in the coming twelve months.
You've likely heard about “ChatGPT” or at the very least “AI” in talent acquisition. While still in its early stages of public use, industry veteran Glen Cathey has already identified areas, like job description creation and hiring manager discussions, where this technology can assist the daily tasks asked of TA professionals. 
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“hireEZ is an amazing product. We have placed 5 people in the last 3 months using hireEZ. With their extensive database of people, strong search features including diversity filters, candidate contact phone numbers and email, and it's sequence email process, this platform has changed the way we work and increased our revenue.”
Portrait Of bob midoneck
Bob Midoneck
COO @ Velocity Search Group
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ATS export auto sync is now integrated with the import process so your data stays up to date across your ecosystem, making it easier to support your workflows.
We noticed that some sensitive data was still showing on our Analytics and Market Insights pages after users chose unbiased sourcing mode, so we removed those inconsistencies for a more holistic experience of that search setting.
We created bulk list sharing so you can collaborate with other members of your team when working on the same project.
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