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Target and Deliver the Right Talent at the Right Time with Outbound Recruiting

With hireEZ, build outbound recruiting strategies centered around bringing jobs to people and building meaningful candidate relationships though AI-powered sourcing, email marketing, real-time talent market insights, and more!
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What Can hireEZ’s Outbound Recruiting Platform Do For You?

Build targeted searches to deliver more hires
in half the time

Unleash access to untapped talent pools with a comprehensive view into 800M+ candidate profiles from open web platforms (such as LinkedIn, Upwork, GitHub, StackOverflow, and more). Automate your search for qualified candidates with hireEZ’s powerful AI sourcing filters to cut sourcing time by 50% and reduce time-to-hire by 23%.

Boost candidate engagement and convert your most sought after talent

Successfully engage with qualified candidates and receive faster responses with hireEZ’s verified contact information, personalized & branded email drip campaigns, campaign performance tracking, automated interview scheduling, and more! Set up automated and personalized follow-ups so you stay top-of-mind for candidates to build positive candidate experiences and meaningful candidate relationships.

Inform your outbound recruiting strategy with real-time talent market insights

Get the talent market visibility you need to proactively target the right candidates at the right time and build a scalable, data-driven recruiting approach. Uncover comprehensive insights on top job titles, companies, market values, diversity breakdowns, and much more!

Diversify your company and bring your DE&I initiatives to life

Discover and nurture qualified diverse talent with the largest talent pool of 230M+ underrepresented candidates in your hands. Expand searches for females, veterans, blacks or African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans with powerful AI diversity filters. Remove unconscious bias with blind sourcing mode. And strategize your diversity hiring efforts with comprehensive diversity analytics and insights.

Rediscover past talent hidden within your ATS/CRM

Is your ATS/CRM a sea of unorganized and outdated candidates profiles? With 30+ ATS/CRM integrations, we make it easy to enrich, refresh, and dedupe outdated candidate profiles within your ATS/CRM. This way, you can save time by rediscovering and targeting past qualified talent within your renewed ATS/CRM database that are already familiar with your brand.
Why Is Outbound Recruiting Crucial to Succeeding in a Candidate-Driven Market?
Inbound recruiting
Inbound recruiting may have worked when the job market was driven by employers, but marketing your organization and job openings to increase brand awareness and cast a wide net for more talent won’t work anymore in a candidate-driven market.
Outbound Recruiting
For companies to succeed in a candidate-driven market, recruiters must make the shift to outbound recruiting. The solution to finding talent isn’t marketing to as many people as possible. It’s proactively understanding what the market has to offer, identifying qualified talent, and attracting them through a personalized positive candidate experience.
The Difference Between Us and Other Platforms
Built to Scale
to Scale
hireEZ’s AWS-based infrastructure is built to be scalable, stable, and reliable. As your business and teams grow, so does hireEZ.
Premium Customer Service
Premium Customer Service
Our benchmark for customer service is to be nothing less than world-class. You will have a dedicated customer success manager who ensures you achieve and exceed your hiring goals with hireEZ.
We Keep Your Sourcing Secure
hireEZ has rigorous policies in place to ensure information security and compliance. We are GDPR compliant, SOC Type I and II certified, and EU-US Privacy Shield certified.

See What Our Customers Say About hireEZ

Matthew Keller

Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Chenega Corporation

“We have recruiters who didn’t understand the value of using hireEZ because they’re LinkedIn recruiters. They’re so used to flipping through [profiles] on their own. It was hard to get them to understand that this tool can do all that work for you. They have quickly become believers when they started using hireEZ”

Benjamin Rifleman

Former Manager of Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition at Tango Card

“Indeed, like hireEZ, has a tool for passive sourcing. They have a massive resume database, but candidates normally only update their Indeed [profiles] when they’re looking or getting close to looking for a new role. Whereas hireEZ has a fresh and constantly updated look at [candidates’] LinkedIn, their GitHub, or even their personal blog. Finding their personal website or portfolio is important because engineers frequently have side projects that they don’t list on their resumes but can push them higher in our rankings”

Kray Blanding

Technical Sourcing Recruiter at Apptio

"I love AI Sourcing. I love how I can start a search, go grab a cup of coffee and come back to a list of 50 candidates, 40 of whom are worth reaching out to. hireEZ has optimized the front-end for me: sourcing and engagement. hireEZ is fantastic at these and I'm super happy. My time is better spent on HireEZ than if I use Linkedin. In fact, I don't have a LinkedIn account anymore."

Erin G

Talent Acquisition Recruiter, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

There is so much I love about hireEZ. I love that the tool l makes my sourcing efforts a lot more streamlined and efficient. I am able to reach out to significantly more candidates at once and do email campaigns with minimal management. Email campaigns can be scheduled. They show when the emails have been opened. My teammates can see who we've contacted and what the prospect's response was. It saves me a ton of time. It takes about 6+ hours of sourcing to come up with 40 qualified target prospects manually. I can probably do it in an hour with hireEZ. The tool is critical to our hiring operation. I love the insights and tips that hireEZ provides and the regularly scheduled office hours so I can come to them with any questions. Their customer service is also amazing! Second to none.

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