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Achieving Workplace Diversity Is More Possible Than Ever Before

With hireEZ, diversity hiring is more than an initiative, it’s the right way to hire. hireEZ searches for diverse talent in the right places to give you accurate and immediate results and is backed by real-time, refreshed data that keeps your recruiting pipeline full and up-to-date.
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Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce with hireEZ
Access and Engage Our 230M+ Diverse Talent Pool:
The first step to diversity hiring is understanding the value of culture add, not culture fit. With the largest talent pool of minority groups, hiring teams can uncover more than 230M+ underrepresented talent
Build Targeted Searches with AI-Diversity Filters
Our proprietary AI-powered platform allows hiring teams to focus on minority groups for their open roles, including Black or African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, women and veterans.
Blind Sourcing Mode to Remove Unconscious Bias:
hireEZ reduces unconscious bias with Blind Sourcing to remove names and images from candidate profiles so hiring teams can focus on only skills and experiences.
Inform DE&I Sourcing With Talent Market Insights:
Build actionable diversity hiring plans using talent pool and labor market data. Understand how underrepresented talents are reacting to the job market for a particular role or industry.
Identify Weaknesses in Your Diversity Hiring Strategy:
Track and monitor how diverse talents are moving across your pipeline. See how your team is sourcing, qualifying and engaging with candidates from diverse groups.
What Else Can hireEZ’s AI-Powered Outbound Recruiting Platform Do For You?
Build Targeted Searches to Deliver More Hires in Half the Time
With open web platforms covered in one single search, candidate sourcing doesn’t stop. hireEZ helps you identify best-fit talent for current and future open roles with easy-to-use search filters and pipeline management. hireEZ’s holistic view of candidate profiles helps your team build pipelines made for successful hires.
Boost Engagement & Convert Your Most Sought-After Talent
Create a positive candidate experience. With email campaigns and tracking your team can Keep sought after talent warm with multi-touch email sequences, automated reminders and engagement tracking to stay on top of outreach across all your open projects.
Rediscover Past Talent Hidden Within Your ATS/CRM
hireEZ offers 30+ integrations with ATS/CRM so you can transform your recruiting tech stack into a unified recruiting powerhouse. With EZ integrations launch data-driven recruitment campaigns while keeping talent data up-to-date and synchronized across your tech stack.
Collaborate with Your Team and Hiring Managers
hireEZ offers a full suite of collaboration features for hiring teams to work together with ease. Avoid duplicate efforts, track each other’s performance and activities, communicate in-app, and invite fellow team members of hiring managers to work together on projects together.
Keep Your Data Safe and Secure
hireEZ has strict policies in place to ensure information security for your organization and candidates. We are GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 certified, EU-US Privacy Shield certified, and OFCCP compliant.
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The Right Time to Take Action Is Now,
And We support recruiters in leading that change.
“We have been live for just over sixty days and have already made several impactful placements because of the AI technology that the product incorporates. The support has been on point and open to feedback and the feature recognizing diverse and veteran candidates are unmatched. I would personally be happy to speak with any company that is considering hireEZ about our positive experience.”
Dan Charney
Direct Recruiters
“hireEZ is an amazing product. We have placed 5 people in the last 3 months using hireEZ. With their extensive database of people, strong search features including diversity filters, candidate contact phone numbers and email, and it’s sequence email process, this tool has changed the way we work and increased our revenue.”
Bob Midoneck
Velocity Search Group
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