Plan Ahead to Execute Impactful Hiring Strategies in a Recovering Labor Market

This report was created to help talent teams understand key recruiting trends and challenges impacting hiring this year (and the solutions organizations are implementing to find success). We asked 750 talent professionals about their hiring efforts in 2021.

Inform Hiring Decisions With a Look Into the Biggest Recruiting Trends

Outlook on Talent Sourcing

Why is it getting harder to find and attract talent?


The Next Step After Digitization

How should teams manage and maximize new recruitment technology?


How to Elevate Talent Relationships

What stops employers from building a diverse workforce with great candidate experience?

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Key Trends and Challenges Impacting Organizations in 2021


of companies found it difficult to source for talent


of hiring teams introduced new recruitment technology


say rigid work arrangements will reduce candidate interest

Demand for Recruiters Is on the Rise. What About Pay?

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