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We enhanced the AI capabilities of GPT3 with hireEZ's recruitment-centric machine learning data. The result? Autogenerated emails that get candidate replies in just a few clicks.
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63% of companies are investing or plan to invest in AI solutions (via Aptitude Research 2022)


“AI is a massive opportunity for recruiters. It won’t replace them, but instead will evolve the roles they play. It will automate more repetitive tasks while amplifying ones that require the human touch.” Steven Jiang, Forbes

Why empower your engagement with AI?

GPT3, the third-generation language model developed by OpenAI, is a cutting-edge technology that has the ability to generate human-like text based on input data
Increase Personalization
By leveraging job information and other critical data to craft outreach, this functionality provides personalized messages to strengthen engagement performance.
Maintain Accuracy
By automatically vetting for typos and other common writing errors, ensure that your outreach maintains credibility by remaining technically sound.
Improve the Candidate Experience
By providing relevant information in a timely manner, recruiters can provide an elevated experience that can lead to an accepted job offer.
Save Time
By automating the multi-touch email creation process, recruiters can free up time for other critical tasks.
Improve Scalability
With significantly less time required to generate personalized emails, recruiters can expand their reach to more talent than ever before.

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