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hireEZ's Next-Level recruitment software empowers businesses to achieve their goals by hiring the right people and finding underrepresented talent.
Our EZ Rediscovery is your single source of truth for recruitment, built as a system of native integrations to centralize and refresh siloed data.
Access more candidates: Experience AI Sourcing across platforms to go beyond typical resumes and uncover real candidate potential.
Increase response rates: Build personalized outreach campaigns with sequences, tracking and calendar scheduling for meaningful connections.
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Why hireEZ?
AI Technology Makes the
Searchable Talent Pool 10x Larger
  • Leverages data from open web platforms
  • 750+ million candidate profiles
  • 100M+ job descriptions
  • 50M+ companies tracked
Candidate Engagement
Email insights, templates, sequences and smart automation for higher quality personalization and increased response rates.
Proven results
  • 23% reduction in time to hire
  • 50% reduction in time spent sourcing
  • 5x Increase In quality candidates
Accurate Data for Better Outreach
Our 85% contact finding rate gives you access to personal emails, work emails, phone numbers and social media links.
Diversity and Inclusion
Build an inclusive workforce with our diversity sourcing and analytics to uncover and engage with more underrepresented talent.
Top candidate verticals
  • Internet & Software
  • Manufacturing
  • IT & Services
  • HR & Staffing
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare