Discover Recruiting Practices for an Uncertain Market

From budget cuts to an unpredictable labor market, it’s no secret that recruiting during an economic downturn is tough. We’ve mapped out three key strategies to ensure that talent acquisition remains even tougher.
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What do some of our industry’s biggest experts have to say about Outbound Recruiting?
Here’s the bottom line: This Era of Outbound Recruiting combines strategy, sourcing, engagement, data and integrations. It’s the arsenal needed to accelerate the luck and the timing sourcers and recruiters need to find the right person and deliver the right message at the right time – not the same message deployed on the same platform at the same time under the same constraints as everyone else.”
Steve Levy
Technical Recruiting Manager @ Zip Co
We all know there are some roles that you can post and advertise and they are so specialized you will never get a candidate remotely close to being qualified. And yet, the money is spent because, “well, you never know…” Actually, yes, yes we do know, and I’m not burning any more cash just for the fun of it! All of those resources should be spent on outbound recruiting.
Tim Sackett
President of HRU Resources
My advice to large corporations is save money and pause on the creative branding strategies. Focus on the outbound strategy... Take a step back, research and learn who would be interested in you. Next, align the qualified candidate(s) based on what you learned about the job that fits. The main goal of your outbound strategy should be to quickly turn potential candidates into job applicants, not lure them to your fancy expensive looking Fiat or Peel50 solutions. Drive faster, be the Bugatti or Ferrari you always wanted to be!
Kevin Walters
Lead Diversity L&D Program Manager @ Enterprise Tech Company
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