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Finding niche candidates with specific qualifications

3.7M Cleared Candidates Ready To Be Found

The best place to start your search is the place where all the talent's at. Tap into the industry's largest pool of candidates with security clearances from niche online platforms, job boards and even your own ATS/CRM.

12 AI-Powered Filters To Help You Target Clearance Statuses

Build the perfect search with our security clearance filters to narrow down on SCI, Confidential, Top Secret, US Agencies and more. Uncover candidates with a specified clearance status, keyword, job title, geographic location or employment history.

A Deeper Look At Candidate Clearances

Our Security Clearance Inference helps you understand why a candidate fits your criteria. hireEZ builds user confidence by indicating government agencies, employers, or keywords that give a profile a clearance tag.

Best Fits Come First

No more digging at the bottom of the pile for those you may have missed. hireEZ surfaces the best 50 candidates for your search in order of relevance so you get to see your best choices first.

More Than Just Keywords

You'll be the one helping our AI technology improve the quality of your searches. Instead of keywords, hireEZ conducts contextual searches that expand on alternative and popular titles related to your queries.

Bridging The Technology Gap

No more worrying about system integrations, programming or tedious data cleaning. We do it for you. Integrate hireEZ with your existing ATS/CRM, job boards, contact databases and other software in your tech stack.

We Keep Your Sourcing Secure

hireEZ has strict policies in place to ensure information security for your organization and your candidates. hireEZ is GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type I and II certified, and EU-US Privacy Shield certified.

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