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Sep 29-30, 2020 | Virtual Event. 10AM PST/ 12AM CT/ 1PM EST

At this point in time, your organization's recruitment plan should be gearing up for the recovery phase. But... it's not going to be easy if hiring teams aren't equipped to tackle new challenges and responsibilities introduced in 2020.

So what should recruiters today be focusing on?

Being a strategic advisor to businesses. Building long-term recruitment plans within a constrained budget. And finally, gathering valuable insight on the available job market. In this two-day virtual event, we've invited industry leaders to help you answer those questions. Learn from hiring teams who have found success in building their recovery plan through the digitalization of recruitment processes.

Are you ready to level up your skills? Join us live and online for the best hacks on managing your company's biggest asset - your people.

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INC. Mobility
Monique Davis
Crystly Swanson
Jeremy Langhans
Darrell James
William Tincup
Trey Shelton
Matt Baxter
Trent Cotton
William Wiggins

Session 1 | 10.15AM:

Managing Bias: The Why, Who and How with Darrell James

Learn how recruiting teams can drive intentional DE&I efforts with the right strategy and technology

Session 2 | 11.00AM:

A Deeper Look Into the Future of Healthcare Recruiting with William Wiggins

Hear from an industry expert about how the healthcare recruiting market has changed & how to navigate it

Session 3 | 12.30PM:

Redesigning Internal Mobility: Moving Jobs to People with Crystyl Swanson

Take a listen to hear about current trends in mobility related to remote working and things to consider as you innovate to accommodate virtual and remote work assignments.

Session 4 | 1.15PM:

Save $$ and Dial-In on Tools You Really Need with Jeremy Langhans

Learn about what recruiters and TA teams should be looking for to better optimize their recruiting tech stack.

Session 5 | 2.00PM:

The Secret Sauce to Your Executive Search with Trey Shelton

What does an executive search in 2020 look like? Hear all about the best ways to screen and reach executive candidates.

Session 1 | 10AM:

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Review key metrics and performance indicators that TA teams and leaders should be keeping track of.

Session 2 | 10.45M:

The Best Recipe For Intentional Candidate Engagement with Monique Davis

What's the perfect recipe for candidate engagement in 2020? Monique Davis lets us in on her 3 favorite ways to reach out to candidates effectively and intentionally.

Session 3 | 11.30AM:

How AI/ML Is Transforming Recruiting with Trent Cotton

With the help of AI/ML tools, recruiting teams are able to build strategies based on more data. Learn about the best ways to use all this information for the right initiatives and consultative approaches.

Session 4 | 12:15PM:

Doing Video The Right Way: Optimize Your Video Interviewing

We talk about the best practices to keep in mind for video conferencing to run smoothly in all aspects of the recruiting function.
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