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The State of Recruitment in 2021 Has Been the Most Unpredictable in Years
As businesses around the globe struggle to find the right answers for hiring teams, our report sets the record straight!
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hireEZ's AI casts a wider net for meaningful searches by analyzing data points from candidate profiles. Source across 800M+ candidate profiles from open web platforms with less time sourcing and better conversion rates.
Get Real-time Market, Hiring and Diversity Insights
Understand the state of hiring inside and outside of your organization and create data-backed hiring plans that meet your ambitious growth and diversity goals.
Engage Hundreds of Candidates with Ease
With so many applicants to consider, we've made automating candidate engagement easy. Send and schedule up to 200 emails with one click. Personalize outreach campaigns with email tokens (i.e. name, company) and sequence up to 10 unique touchpoints.
Bridging the Technology Gap
No more worrying about system integrations, programming or tedious data cleaning. We do it for you. Integrate hireEZ with your existing ATS/CRM, job boards, contact databases and other software in your tech stack.
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