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Maximize Your Recruiting Efficiency with
Project Management Talent Pipelines
Easily track candidate progress through the hiring process and automate your engagement to save time.
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Creating Projects is Intuitive and Easy
You also can share projects within your team so everyone is on the same page.
Step 1: Fill out Your Project Details
Step 2: Add Team Members and get all synced up as the project progresses.
But hireEZ is so much more than that.
How About Managing and Engaging Your Best Fit Candidates?
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Create Custom Talent Pipeline Process Templates
You can also use hireEZ's premade processes to get to work even faster.
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Once You Have Your Talent Pool,
hireEZ Will Handle the Rest
Quickly push candidates through pipeline stages and engage sought after talent all in one place.
Recruiting couldn't get simpler when hireEZ is there to
manage, engage, and connect your candidates to your open roles.
Then There's The Rest of The hireEZ Platform.
Powerful AI filters
search results
Comprehensive candidate insights
Personalized Engagement
#1 contact-finder
Email marketing insights
Automated nurture sequences
Talent Database
30+ ATS integrations
Rediscover past applicants
Refresh, enrich and dedupe ATS data
Diverse & Inclusive Pipelines
115M+ Diverse
talent profiles
Real-time diversity analytics
Data-driven searches for underrepresented groups
Increase in Response Rates
Contact-finding rate
More Qualified Leads
See hireEZ In Action