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hireEZ makes it easy for you to uncover and engage candidates with EZ Rediscovery.

Unlock the Value of Your ATS
Rediscover Past Talent & Make Hires
With An Enriched & Refreshed ATS
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Update Your Existing Data
We keep your candidate information updated in your ATS so you can focus on making the best hire.
Rediscover Engaged Talent
Save time by uncovering past applicants that match your open roles.
Uncover New Candidates
Enhance your rediscovery journey with the power of AI. Fortify your talent pipeline by sourcing candidates across the open web.
Reduce Time-to-Hire Using EZ Rediscovery
Your ATS is likely a gold mine for qualified, high-affinity talent already familiar with your organization. Uncover how EZ Rediscovery helps recruiters achieve higher response rates and reduced time-to-hire by connecting with candidates in their ATS
Learn how to harness the full potential of your existing candidate database.
Delve into the challenges recruiters encounter in today's workforce and offer practical solutions that are readily available within your integrated ATS. Get Started with Outbound Recruiting Academy
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