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Hiretual's AI Engine powers the largest talent pool in the recruiting industry


The First Ever Tech AI Sourcing Solution

The IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solution aggregates candidate data from tech-specific platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, Kaggle and more.

Target Your Sourcing With Industry-Specific Filter

Hiretual’s IT/Tech Sourcing Solution helps you fine-tune your search with filters that include 50+ Technical Expertise, 250+ Programming Languages, and varying involvement levels with community Coding Activities.


Improve diversity numbers

Our diversity filter and Blind Hiring Mode helps you source candidates from underrepresented groups such as women, African Americans, and veterans.


Why Choose Hiretual?

  • Targeted sourcing:

    Constant tech evolutions push businesses to look for versatile and adaptable talent. Hiretual will optimize your search results based on your preference every time you provide feedback to sourced candidates in search results.
  • Reach passive candidates:

    A majority of the most sought after tech-talent are already gainfully employed. Hiretual’s integrated sourcing discovers passive candidates from the open web and rediscovers those already in your ATS/CRM.
  • Increased productivity:

    Stay competitive by cutting down on the time spent with your initial hiring steps. Hiretual makes recruitment 10x faster by consolidating sourcing channels into a single talent pool that you can view and manage.

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