Navigating a Virtual Hiring Landscape:

4 Ways To Be A Better Modern Recruiter

June 18th, 2020 - 10:30 AM PT

What does it mean to have a successful recruitment process in a virtual world?

In our previous webinars, we’ve talked about the challenges that recruiters are facing in this new normal. We’ve also talked about how recruiters can engage with a larger and more sensitive job market.

In this webinar, we’re tying it all together to show you how you can effectively supplement a scalable recruiting process with hireEZ from start to finish.

We’ve invited Monique for this info-packed webinar covering these areas:

  • How a modern recruiter can expand talent pools creatively
  • Implementing data-driven decisions to measure and achieve ROI
  • How to give yourself more time in the day to humanize the job search process

Our Community Speakers

Monique Davis

Monique Davis

Transformative, visionary leader able to empower and lead diverse talent acquisition teams to success. A proven track record in the areas of sourcing & job reverse sourcing training, profit growth, career coaching, and systems execution.

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