Get the Most Out of Your Intake Meetings

When recruiters and hiring managers don't see eye-to-eye, recruitment productivity is reduced by up to 40%. hireEZ's Candidate Data Hub keeps everyone on the same page.

Talk with a sales expert

Better Intake Meetings

Align expectations for an effective and attainable sourcing strategy

Satisfied Hiring Managers

Avoid frustration and maintain strong collaboration for a better candidate experience

An Effective Recruitment Partnership

Recruitment is a team sport — strive for consultative and transparent workflows.

"I work with my hiring managers to provide hireEZ Insights, so we can dive deep into the role and say, Based on what you want, here is what's out there in the market. Is it really a purple unicorn, or is this person real?"

-Claire Berkley, Senior Technical Recruiter at Poshmark

The Ultimate Platform for Recruiters and Hiring Manager Collaboration

hireEZ empowers recruiters to bring valuable insights to the table backed up by strong data.

Be A Strategic Partner

Come to intake meetings prepared. hireEZ's AI-powered talent pool and candidate insights helps recruiters and hiring managers build the ideal candidate persona.

Transparent Data Every Step of the Way

Running into setbacks with your candidate search? Our performance tracking and reporting dashboards helps you pinpoint bottlenecks and set reasonable hiring goals.

The Better Way to Communicate

hireEZ's suite of collaborative features keep recruiters, hiring managers and stakeholders in sync. Share projects and communicate with team members directly within the platform.

Learn how to build a strategic partnership with your hiring manager to decrease time-to-fill and increase quality-of-hire. Put your data to work with our Intake Meeting Agenda Template