If organizations had a sourcing and hiring playbook in place, 2020 has put those strategies and digital capabilities to the test. In a matter of hours, our usual practices were uprooted and turned virtual. And what has it shown us? That it's possible for us to continue helping people even when we aren't face to face.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many industries to reevaluate how they value and support human relationships. But it's safe to say that the recruiting industry feels the weight of these demands in a more complex way than others.

Why? Because standing at the cross-section of rising unemployment claims, frustrated job seekers, and budget-constricted employers….are recruiters.

The Role of Recruiters In A Post-COVID World

On the economic side of the pandemic, recruiters are the unsung heroes. They have the power to connect people to jobs. For many candidates, connecting and speaking with a recruiter is the best way to get their foot through the door.

In a noisy market that's hard to navigate, who else is more qualified than a recruiter to point candidates in the direction of available opportunities?

To tackle this new hiring landscape, recruiters need two things: efficiency and scalability.

The Role of Recruiters In A Post-COVID World

Hiring teams must work smart to better support high volumes of job seekers with less time on hand. The adoption of recruitment technology in the hiring process will help recruiters streamline their responsibilities and focus on tasks that will directly impact business goals.

In our previous eBook,we showed you that 57% of hiring teams don't invest in recruitment technology and consider it a low priority initiative. This needs to change. The role of the recruiter today cannot be upscaled to facilitate a more virtual world unless recruiters do their part in upskilling themselves in using HR technology.

Supplementing pipelines with more sourcing channels
Top-Notch Engagement Can't Be Done Manually
Influence the candidate selection process with analytics
Ensures flexible and adaptable hiring processes
Build Awareness on problems faced by job seekers
Taking steps forward
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