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There isn’t going to be much tolerance for those that ghost candidates, retract offers without explanation or reject candidates without allowing the opportunity for follow-up conversations. With the help of recruitment technology, it isn’t impossible for hiring teams to reach out to thousands of candidates without feeling completely burnt out.

Here's where today's candidates are finding their job openings

While sourcing, it will be valuable for recruiters to look at a candidate’s social media profiles as a point of contact. The content your candidates share and post on their professional platforms will show you what they care about and what they’re looking for in an ideal employment experience. Not only will this help you tailor your outreach to build that genuine messaging we spoke about before, it will also help you build out recruitment marketing events and services aimed at helping candidates get back up on their feet.

Supplementing pipelines with more sourcing channels
Top-Notch Engagement Can't Be Done Manually
Influence the candidate selection process with analytics
Ensures flexible and adaptable hiring processes
Build Awareness on problems faced by job seekers
Taking steps forward
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