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Your ATS is your most valuable resource, and it's also the most commonly used form of recruitment technology. It holds all your past and present talent that have come in from all your sourcing channels. This is your goldmine of candidate data. This also means that it can be extremely messy and difficult to navigate. You're in luck, because HR technology has evolved beyond the ATS. With the help of AI, you can drive your ATS capabilities even further by cleaning and enriching your existing data.

Adopt tools that make it easy and accessible for your team to update and organize candidate data in your ATS. hireEZ integrates with your existing ATS to remove duplicate profiles in your database and updates old profiles with new information. With all your candidate data in one platform, hiring teams can also build out custom workflows between hireEZ and an ATS to maximize collaboration and productivity.

Why is this going to be important in a post-pandemic world? After taking sharp economic hits, many business leaders are looking to scale up from all fronts to make up the loss. However, scalable hiring efforts can only be supported by efficient workflows. Less time, more output.

Many recruiters tend to tiptoe around these inefficiencies by manually cleaning out lists in fragments on a project by project basis. If your hiring cycle isn't as vigorous and fast-paced as it usually is, use this time to oil your machine completely so you're not wasting time doing things that can be automated for you.

hireEZ integrates with your existing ATS
Supplementing pipelines with more sourcing channels
Top-Notch Engagement Can't Be Done Manually
Influence the candidate selection process with analytics
Ensures flexible and adaptable hiring processes
Build Awareness on problems faced by job seekers
Taking steps forward
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