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Recruiters will need to add value to the hiring process beyond their sourcing capabilities. With the increase in active candidates applying for jobs, hiring teams will not invest as much in passive talents who are less likely to leave a job they are secure in. Recruiters who leverage analytical research to filter candidates coming in from all sources will show leaders they are equipped to influence the candidate selection process.

“Hiring managers and clients are going to want to work with recruiters who took the time to know their business, and who has the ability and courage to have an opinion on a candidate.”

John Ricciardi, Founder and Managing Partner at Afton Consulting Group
hireEZ Webinar “Overcoming and Tackling COVID-19: What Can Recruiters Do?

John Ricciardi

For example, our customers tend to export hireEZ insights for intake meetings to set sourcing expectations with hiring managers. These reports provide a detailed view of the available talent pool for an open role - including diversity statistics, average market values, top companies, locations, skills, and more. Beyond an initial intake meeting, this data can help recruiters offer a methodical approach to cut through the noise and find the most relevant candidates in a pool of applicants. AI-powered analytics helps recruiters better understand the behavior of candidates in a particular talent pool and strengthen their abilities to distinguish good candidates from a great one. Regardless of the sourcing channels that your candidates are coming in from, data-driven recruiters will be familiar with the differentiating factors of successful hires for the role.

Supplementing pipelines with more sourcing channels
Top-Notch Engagement Can't Be Done Manually
Influence the candidate selection process with analytics
Ensures flexible and adaptable hiring processes
Build Awareness on problems faced by job seekers
Taking steps forward
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