From facing consumers externally to managing employees internally, 2020 has put the digital capabilities of many organizations to the test. In a matter of hours, our usual practices were uprooted and turned virtual. And what has it shown us? That it's possible for us to continue helping people even when we aren't face to face.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many industries to reevaluate how they value and support human relationships. But it's safe to say that the recruiting industry feels the weight of these demands in a more complex way than others.

Why? Because standing at the cross-section of rising unemployment claims, frustrated job seekers, and budget-constricted employers….are recruiters.

External Sourcing

External Sourcing

With the help of AI, it can take a matter of minutes to search beyond LinkedIn for candidates on social media and other professional platforms. Use skills, keywords, location, job titles and more to filter and refine a targeted search without having to manually scroll through a list of thousands to identify a few.

Job Postings/Job Fairs

Job Postings/
Job Fairs

Recruitment technology can help parse resumes to populate candidate profiles in your database. This will significantly cut down on time spent manually sorting through high volumes of resume files for particular keywords or skill sets. More importantly, it prevents unconscious bias and prevents negligence from burnt-out recruiters.

Your ATS

Your ATS

Sometimes the best candidates are the ones you've already spoken to before. They know your brand, they know your vision, and they've most likely moved on to gain more experience and make up for what they previously lacked. Implementing technology such as hireEZ EZ Rediscovery will help enrich old profiles in your ATS with their latest information so that you can re-engage with these candidates and encourage them to speak to you again.

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