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There isn’t going to be much tolerance for those that ghost candidates, retract offers without explanation or reject candidates without allowing the opportunity for follow-up conversations. With the help of recruitment technology, it isn’t impossible for hiring teams to reach out to thousands of candidates without feeling completely burnt out.

Reasons that lead to a negative candidate experience

In our webinar “Building A Mindful Candidate Strategy”, we talked about how important it is to organize your engagement into batches and sequences. hireEZ’s engagement feature includes templates for single and sequence emails so recruiters can plan out their engagement for each stage of the hiring cycle. Automation elevates a recruiter’s strength, allowing them to focus on the content of emails and not the delivery. Now you’ll have more time to build a plan that helps you organize your time for email sequencing and inbox management (and there are even tools for that too!).

At the end of the day, effective engagement boils down to meaningful content. Establish trust with your candidates by doing your research on how they’ve been affected by COVID-19. Burnt out messaging can be easily avoided if recruiters have the resources to connect with their candidates on a more personal level. Recruiters who source candidates on hireEZ are able to view a holistic profile that is updated with the most recent information candidates have online. It becomes easier for recruiters to determine how their jobs have been affected, or the kinds of content that is being shared on their social media accounts. That’s the starting point to genuine conversations that your candidates will resonate with.

Supplementing pipelines with more sourcing channels
Top-Notch Engagement Can't Be Done Manually
Influence the candidate selection process with analytics
Ensures flexible and adaptable hiring processes
Build Awareness on problems faced by job seekers
Taking steps forward
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